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Special Doors

Shipyard door and barn doors in the ATEX is located curtains custom doors. Convenient and durable, these door models you can use in many industries. As the industry leader Shipyard automatic door doorman safe safety feature you can use for long-lasting products. 
Special doors; resistant to outdoor weather conditions and robust properties. Isolation in the foreground door models, tight structure. Manually operated crank to work on systems that can be managed automatically. Long lifetime of the products, polyurethane interior, exterior panels are composed of aluminum coated steel or optional. Through'll make periodic maintenance of the systems satisfied are you'll have problems.
Cold Storage Doors
High speed cold room door is the best partner for cold storage door system with maximum insulation properties.More...
Atex Doors
Shipyarddoor produces special door systems with wide range dimension requirements.More...
Barn Curtain
All system can be operated manual crank systemMore...
Flexible Doors
It can be Easily repaired for crushing and also can be operated after strong strong crush.More...
Hygenic Doors
An ordinary door of the hospital which is much more hygienic and convenient equipped with doors you can get a great view.More...
Clean Room Doors
Clean Room Door models are available with Shipyarddoor.More...

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