? SHIPYARD DOOR - Large Hangar Door
Large Hangar Door

Large Hangar Door

Pvc Fabric Hangar Doors

Search Door-mounted horizontally between the shipyard fabric PVC coated polyester fabric with steel profile consists of two layers. Located vertical rails against the wind, extra resistant. 50 and as high as 80 m can be produced. Door leaf with a geared motor is wound on a steel wire.Steel wire outputs are provided under the door unfolds. Upper portions which overlap in the fabric are observed.
Wants of you as steel and aluminum are manufactured according to your needs and desires. Side drums and extra security and speed folding system is specially designed to give you. The engine features a hangar door making sure that you should get.
Shipyarddoor is produced according to your request with the bay doors are gaining the admiration of you. The ergonomically designed door can be safely used for many years. Used in areas where vehicle traffic is dense PVC fabric hangar door is long lasting system. Interior and exterior are capable of continuous operation. That prevents heat loss is shipyarddoor, the input and output provides a comfortable. 

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