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Cold Storage Doors

Cold Storage Doors

Cold Saver is designed for cold storage area freezing room, isolated warehouse and climatic controlled area especially pharmacy, food, and chemistry applications.
As requirements of our main philosophy it is designed simple and solid, The doors  can be installed on the warm side, as well as the cold side with the appropriate options.It is specially filled with poly styrene isolation materials also design supply very high efficiency and energy cost when it is compared with conventional doors or bad copy caters.Frequency converter and power motor supply fast and controlled opening up to 1. 5 mt /seconds also unlimited using during the days to supply best service even heavy traffic of forklifts.
This system is equipped with heater at side rails also bottom to eliminated humidity problem that is main problem at conventional doors.
As our high safety standard level, photocell safety beam system, termic resistance , manuel operations(At emergency status), flame retandancy and soft edge opportunity is supplied.
Cold Saver is designed to reduce your energy consumptions and free from very heavy old model cold storage rooms. Also free maintenance and solid design, supply to install the doors even not required any extra constructions.
If you need to reduce your energy cost at cold storage area this system is best assistance for you in the world.


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