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Pvc Roll Up Doors

Pvc Roll Up Doors

Speed Flex-Roller model is suitable for applications where opening and closing times are required at small dimensions and inside area. All properties are similar with high speed folding system. You can manage your extreme traffic for exterior or interior applications. Shipyarddoor company is master for high speed door systems. We have many types high speed door systems that one of it is pvc roll up doors

Which is a kind of high-speed doors PVC roll up doors, is used where heavy vehicle traffic. Flexible and reliable system that you can use for many years. Long-lasting PVC roll up doors, the interior temperature of the cold weather conditions will not be affected. Roll up doors in a private galvanized steel pipes, protection against the weather does.
Fast and durable doors, large firms prefer. PVC roll up doors are designed in the size and color you want. Geared motor and braking system; was developed for very intensive use. You are special kinds of doors, is resistant to wind pressure. Functional door systems, energy and time savings. Flexible, easy maintenance and cleaning of door models. Simple and comfortable with a system that works. You can choose your colors and sizes . Extreme and rapid door with a maximum engine power of working with energy . 

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