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Hygenic Doors

Hygenic Doors


Hygenic doors, gates known as hospitals. Hygiene, functional and safe door models, must be complied with hygiene standards can be used in the field. Or you can use in areas such as hospital operating room door models specially designed for you the dimensions specified. Functional hygenic doors that are easy to use.
Shipyarddoor hygenic doors, automatic shutdown feature is. Doors, does not rust and is safe. Easy to clean surfaces, is composed of stainless steel. Is opposed to the proliferation of bacteria. With a high level of sound insulation is also a modern door models, you can take time.
Hygenic door is designed according to your needs. Is compatible with international standards. Standard size depending on the specific dimensions of the models produced in hygienic door models except you produced. Hygienic doors one piece is produced. Long lasting and durable. Against radiation, lead-coated models are also seen. All of these doors are hygenic.

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