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Barn Curtain

Barn Curtain


Of dealing with the livestock sector, who raised livestock is a must-have system. Low-speed doors are manufactured to the appropriat cost. Long lasting and durable products that you can use for 15 years . Barn curtain working with manual crank system, insulation gives u excellent results . Barn curtain mounted inside the drum inside the engine, rotary drums and steel drums are available. Accordingly , in order to cause the steel side elastics are sealed . Tom landfill and to give place to a different application önem must attach to the system cost and faster. Ventilation is designed according the to the request. You decide to color and size .
Milk from poultry and swine applications in many different areas there are different styles. Large industrial zones are also used . Tubular motor and photocell safety system, ergonomic and safe way of using a serve. Working speed of 20 cm / sec , which is a system Consisting of rails . The materials used in curtains and style to you. When you decide to shipyarddo are , you will make an excellent barn fitting curtain . 600 DTX- reinforced fabric used, the system is in the form of railway. Roller blinds in the open position on the pipe is wrapped . As can be opened and closed fully Automatically ventilation curtain (by means of a weather station ) can be opened and closed manually and semi -automatic hang .

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