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Pvc Folding Doors

Pvc Folding Doors


Pvc Folding Doors is  one of the new generation of high speed doors. Reinforced Aluminium or steel supports bar high density pvc fabric materials, special designate drum system serve to you every conditions.bThis type of door is suited for larger size openings and is designed for heavy duty application. High operation speed-80 cm/Sec-standard, Serve to you energy saving, useful and durability system is reducing the noise. It is best assistance to block outside conditions (Dust noice,outdoor effect)
High-speed pvc folding doors are offered many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements. PVC folding doors are in Shipyard door opened and sturdy reinforced steel rail system also supplies custom designed to reduce wind pressure, turn off remote operation using vertical package is a high-speed folding doors. Powder-coated galvanized coating may be present kaplıdır.kap wing folding by industrial fabric belt. Engine and gear box are selected for maximum efficiency.

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